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Dinosaur World Mobile is a dinosaur survival game created by the developer, Invictus, also known as The_Immortal. This game allows the player to research and play as dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that roamed about during the Mesozoic era.

The Main Mechanics of Dinosaur World Mobile is to simply Research, Explore, and Survive! This game requires players to survive similar to the Mesozoic Life of Dinosaurs; Ranging from Attacking prey, fighting enemies, sprinting from predators, symbiosis with friends, and many more!


Dinosaur World Mobile is descendant of Dinosaur World, an abandoned and only PC version of the game which is locked and no longer supported. You can take a glimpse of how this version looked like here.


Researchables & Gamepasses !

This game has a variety of over 70 different species including Sauropods, Ankylosaurids/Nodosaurids, Tyrannosaurids, Dromaeosaurids, Ceratopsians, Aquatics, Pterosaurs and many more. Research larger, stronger, and better dinosaurs to improve your chance of survival! All of these unique genera of playable dinosaurs and pterosaurs are free and can be obtained by researching them, as some dinosaurs also have special abilities that also strengthen their combat! And remember, always play a dinosaur to pass time while researching!


Dinosaur World Mobile, like a few other games, also has gamepasses that includes purchasable prehistoric animals which can be bought a few amounts of Robux! Gamepass creatures can be bought in Store and varies in the amount of Robux, depending on how docile or strong it is! And these creatures are one of the strongest aquatic, semi-aquatic, terrestrial, and aerial creatures in-game!

Classes !

Each animals in the game differs in strength, speed, health, and regeneration! All creatures in-game specialize in their overall stats for offense, defense, and survival! All of the in-game classes are:


  • Scout - fast and agile creatures, who can hide or run away from enemies. They work best in groups, and flying scouts are excellent at aerial reconnaissance.
  • Attacker - best at hunting smaller prey due to having more speed than tanks, however they cannot stay in combat for long.
  • Tank - can take many hits, and deal an huge amount back to enemies. Their slow speed makes them a target for groups.
  • Pursuit - A mix of Scout and Attacker, these creatures are excellent at chasing prey and dealing damage, though they cannot take much.
  • Cruiser - A mixture of an Attacker and a Tank, the most balanced class, and are suited for balanced gameplay. They have few strengths and few weaknesses against enemies.
  • Corvette - A mixture of a Tank and a Scout, these creatures usually survive longer than most scouts, at the expense of speed.
  • Voyager - Have no attack but very high health.

Habitats !

The game has parts of the map: The Forest, Coast, Wetlands, Plains, Swamp and Island. Players can also choose Random Spawn, which places you in a random area of the map, with the exclusion of the Island for obvious reasons. Each biome is unique, is what you would expect it to be, and contains a lush and nourished environment sufficient for a creature's adaptation!

If you want to learn more about this game, look through our pages! We hope this wiki helps you out. This wiki is still in W.I.P., so please expect incompleteness in our pages.

Update Log !

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